Tuesday, September 18, 2018
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Our Story...


Live Well • Be Kind • Save Energy

Our Story....

Frank Mongillo and Family - Live Well - Be Kind -Save Energy

wazawater systems was established out of a personal concern I had for my family's health. Numerous incidents have been reported about serious illnesses and diseases brought about by unsafe tap water. I took this matter seriously and searched for a solution. After extensive research, I found out that water filtration at home will certainly help but most filtration systems available in the market are designed only to treat tap water for taste and odour. Most water systems perform poorly in removing harmful contaminants, viruses, cysts and bacteria.

The journey gave birth to wazawater systems. We then partnered with the best and most technologically advanced water system manufactures so that we could deliver to you the safest and pure-tasting water throughout your household. Your family deserves nothing but the best and we are here to help! We now offer state of the art earth friendly whole home water care & home comfort systems that conserve energy, preserve the environment and save you money!

 Frank Mongillo

Live Well S Be Kind S Save Energy
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