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The typical central air conditioning system is a split system, with an outdoor air conditioning, or "compressor bearing unit" and an indoor coil, which is usually installed on top of the furnace in the home.

Using electricity as its power source, the compressor pumps refrigerant through the system to gather heat and moisture from indoors and remove it from the home.

Heat and moisture are removed from the home when warm air from inside the home is blown over the cooled indoor coil. The heat in the air transfers to the coil, thereby "cooling" the air.
The heat that has transferred to the coil is then "pumped" to the exterior of the home, while the cooled air is pumped back inside, helping to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
Central air conditioning can also be provided through a package unit or a heat pump.


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A furnace works to keep a home warm in the winter and plays a critical part in the operation of an air conditioning system.
Furnaces produce heat through the combustion of natural gas in the furnace's burner. The heat produced from this process then passes through a heat exchanger. Air from your home's return air ducts is blown over the heat exchanger, thus warming the air. 
The furnace's blower then blows the warmed air into the ductwork, which carries and disperses the warmed air throughout the home.
During warmer months, the blower inside a furnace continues to circulate return air throughout the home--only this time, the return air has been cooled by being blown over the indoor coil portion of the home's split-system air conditioning system. The condensing coil is typically installed on top of the furnace. 

The Clean Comfort™ brand VE Series ERV exchanges heat between the fresh incoming air and stale exhaust air (just like an HRV), PLUS it helps manage moisture as well. The VE Series of Energy Recover Ventilators help to keep humidity outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter, reducing the demand on your humidifier or dehumidifier.


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