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 Have Your Say - Wazawater Customer Testemonies

This is what Wazawater's customers have to say about our products, services, and our people....

Customer Testemonies

Emma D. Toronto, Ontario
Summer 2008

I was pleasantly surprised by installation quality and professional manners of Frank's employees, Prem and Phillip. It was an excellent job performance.

I also would like to express my respect and appreciation to your company in general for such high-quality customer service. Which seems to be a rare thing these days.

What can I say about waterheater? It is a joy of my heart… don't call me crazy.  It is a great and wise device from all points of view. Thank you again for introducing me to it. Not to mention a big closet I've got as a bonus after the previous monster was removed.

Going tankless...
These 'horseless carriages' cost a little extra and may take a few seconds longer to produce hot water but they'll help you save money in the long run
Globe & Mail Newspaper
October 17, 2008

Tall and stately, it goes about its business, day in, day out. Despite being essential, it goes unnoticed, too, unless it breaks. A warm well of watery goodness, it's the grandfather clock of your home's infrastructure.

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Photos of Wazawater Installations

 Tankless Hot Water Unit - Direct Vent
 Tankless Hot Water Unit After Removing Old Tank Unit
 Tankless Hot Water Unit with Water Softener and Water Filter
 Under Counter Water Filter
 Above Sink Tankless Hot Water Unit
 Commercial Installation of Multi Tankless Untis installed.
 Residential Solar Panel Installation
 Direct Vent for a Tankless Hot Water Unit
 High Efficiancy Furnace Installation
 Furnace, Water Softener and Tankless Hot Water Systems Installation


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