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Whole Whole Home Water Treatment Systems - For Clean - Safe Water

Whole Home Water Treatment Systems: For Safer • Drinkable • Usable water!
We sell and professionally install Water Softeners, Reverse Osmosis (RO) water treatment filters, Water Purifiers and Ultraviolet Systems. Ordinary tap water may contain many impurities that may be harmful for your health. At Wazawater, we care about the quality of water you drink and use everyday. Wazawater systems eliminate unwanted substances, taste, and odour leaving you with only clean, great-tasting water.
Discover how Wazawater can help you start feeling good about your water at home:
  • We provide FREE in house water analysis
  • We can customize a water system specifically designed to treat your current water quality

We offer a variety of NSF and WQA certified water products at reasonable prices.

Wazawater Systems was established out of a personal concern I have for my family's health. Numerous incidents have been reported about serious illnesses and diseases brought about by unsafe tap water. I took this matter seriously and searched for a solution. After extensive research, I found out that water filtration at home will certainly help but most filtration systems available in the market are designed only to treat tap water for taste and odour. Most water systems perform poorly in removing harmful contaminants, viruses, cysts and bacteria. Although taste is important to me, I wanted only the cleanest and safest water for my family.

Wazawater Systems

Minerals like calcium and magnesium usually form a hard whitish deposit called "scale". Scale builds up on bathroom and kitchen fixtures and creates problems in water heaters and appliances, such as dishwashers. A water softener eliminates hard water problems by removing minerals like calcium and magnesium. An automatic valve is used to draw salt to regenerate the resin periodically.
Our water supplies are threatened by many harmful chemicals and contaminants. One of the most effective ways of protecting your drinking water is to install a RO system. This system uses up to 5 stage filtration leaving your water virtually pure and great tasting.

State of the Art process:
  • First stage:  removes sediment, dirt, rust and visible particles from the water
  • Second stage:  a carbon filter removes most of the free chlorine and toxic organics
  • Third stage:  removes up to 97% of harmful minerals and chemicals in water, making it
        pure & safe for drinking
  • Fourth stage:  freshens the water - great tasting water
  • Final stage:  final stage of purification which using an ultraviolet sterilizer that inactivates bacteria and viruses
UV systems destroy micro organisms by exposing them to intense ultraviolet light. Since they disinfect water rather than remove contaminants, UV systems are usually installed with other filters.
Water supplies are generally chlorinated to keep them bacteriological safe and fit for drinking. Chlorine gives water a strong taste and interferes with the taste of food and beverages ie. coffee, tea. Furthermore, chlorine has been attributed as a cause to many diseases. Carbon filters remove chlorine, and organic substances from your water. It also removes foul smell or odour, and improves taste.
Iron is a common element found in water supplies, particularly well water. The human body needs iron however; high iron in the water may cause severe problems which require removing iron from water supplies. It can also cause deposits on pipelines, pressure tanks, water heaters and softeners. It affects the flavour and colour of foods and water. Iron causes reddish-brown staining of laundry, dishes and porcelain. Soap will not remove this stain, and bleach will make it worse. This system removes excessive iron without using chemicals. Dissolved iron is removed by means of an air injector and a special media within the filter, that attracts the iron and absorbs it into the bed.
Greensand filters remove Hydrogen Sulphide from the water. Hydrogen Sulphide gives water a rotten egg odour which is unbearable to drink, cook and bathe in it. It also promotes corrosion and tarnishes sliver. Higher concentrations are flammable and poisonous.
Tannins are dissolved, decayed organic matter in the water, generally found in surface or well water. Tannins do not have a health risk however, cause a yellow, brownish tinge to the water. This system removes tannins from your water flow therefore delivering clear water throughout your home.
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